Fighting Naked (remastered)


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In this scene we begin at a NotMe Rally. Within the rally there are several clusters of YerYerOwns attempting to make a public statement about what the NotMe is doing. Anyone who took their daily NotMe Pill of Lies called the Freedumb Pill will not understand this message. The words will be foreign as they are not in the allotted vocabulary of which the pill allows one to comprehend. So know that when the YerYerOwn is speaking only the NotMe and those who have not taken their daily pill will understand anything any YerYerOwn is saying.

So it starts at a Rally and the NotMe is standing atop their tower literally bragging to the population about how they are being used and discarded by the NotMe.

The YerYerOwns begin to stand up one by one and each time they speak out, the NotMe send their guards to have them killed.

There are quite a few scuffles as a result but the cog population on the Freedumb Pill for the most part just sees it as a person who fell out of line being dealt with. so "no biggie" to them really. They keep their eyes fixed on the NotMe. Hanging on every word as golden wisdom.

The Hordes are best described as tornadoes of fear and hate which are manufactured within the Burning Cities by the NotMe media department. The only opposing force to the NotMe Media Departments are the YerYerOwn Media-Outlets. So, the Hordes which start as very small "suggestions" are sent out from the Factories in the burning cities which then take on a life of their own. Anyone who encounters the hordes who gives into the fear becomes swept up by it and adds to its strength. They lose their identity and their usefulness as a body force for the NotMe but their new role in the NotMe's society is still valuable to the NotMe - as a spreader of division through fear.

Through the end of this scene you will see the hordes leaving the factories and coming over the hill to deal with the YerYerOwn small uprisings at the NotMe rally.

None of the YerYerown add themselves to the horde though many are killed by the NotMe guards.

The DragonLady is the narrator of all of Vinland. This character states plainly events happening. It is unclear if the DragonLady has a desired outcome but it seems to speak often of solutions when stating that there is apparent unrest.

The NotMe isn't giving up and neither are the YerYerOwns.

(this song ends mid battle the end of the day isn't stated in this song) There is no resolution.


Step right up its your hero
Its your friend
It'll save until the end
We'll weed out the foes of our master plan
Guards grab that man
Who stands tall in front of the people
And says

Thieves come out
Of this mouth
Spreading lies

A one world plan
Where your blood dissolves in my hands
En-caustic sleeves
like a leash round your
right to abandon
I'll haul you in tight
And crush you will
Make it easy to please me disease
The wells which drink
They smell like death

Thieves come out
Of this mouth
Spreading lies

Hypocritical fascist porno priest on the TV
Selling you shit you don't need
Bony hands greedily eating up V.D. grab bags
"God Save this Man!"
Who got caught on the camera with his pants down
While we sing

Thieves come out
Of his mouth
Spreading lies

(stating the event of the Hordes coming over the hill in an ancient language)
Translated by a YerYerOwn:
As it feeds on your waste of flesh. Haggard. Laughing all the way. Holding until the day.

NotMe Party:
Hold Yourself Down!

Continued YerYerOwn Translation of the Dragon Lady:
Down the hill you can barely see though the dead debris.
Wind. but bodily. (a mis-translation for a tornado-like mass of fear and choas created by the NotMe - for which there was no translation. Simply known as THE HORDES.)

NotMe Party:

Continued YerYerOwn Translation of the Dragon Lady:
Bringing the Hordes who feed on your fear, your screams. So you start running. Will you ever stop?
Feeding them?


Dragon Lady:
(stating the fact that The Hordes are like giant windstorms of fear created by the NotMe within the burning cities to fill the population with fear which only grows their power. The only way to not get sucked up into them and to add to their power is to do exactly what you are doing thereby ignoring them and not allowing the fear to creep in.)


released June 14, 2020
written by Holly Brewer & Matthew McNiss
performed by
Holly Brewer - vocals
Matthew McNiss - guitars
Paul Dilley - double bass
Brian Viglione - drums

(c)2020 Nervous Relatives Music
(c)2020 Nervous Relatives Records





"HUMANWINE is music that dances between raindrops, sending up green shoots between the broken cobblestones of folk, punk, and open revolt. It is a soundtrack to broken rules and mutant genres, evoking a world that skips over the Age of Oil and all its cruelties, stitching together a patchwork of past and future, a do-it-yourself apocalypse that is strangely utopian."
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