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from aether: ignis by HUMANWINE



Album: aether (ignis)
Song: Soot


The salted air is waiting for you
You cover all your sores with perfume
You’re making clothing for your Hollywood Apocalypse

Laughing like the water falling of my back
Laughing like the fire falling of my back
Laughing like the water falling of my back
Laughing like the fire falling of my back

Delusion of comfort!
The illusion of care!

The searing plasma holds your arm
Your other prophets found their way home

What was so night clear in the evening
lost its way
A dry throat aching

You had enough
You had enough
You had enough
holding on

It’s not your trust
Not your trust
you’ve been acting on

Illusion of comfort
or of care
or ability to put your whole being
in another’s hands
They don’t know you
You didn’t care
You didn’t come prepared
You didn’t take the lessons
You didn’t respect the way

It doesn’t mean
it has to be
the end for you
This is a lesson


from aether: ignis, released April 5, 2016
Written, Performed, Engineered, Mixed & Produced by Holly Brewer & Matthew McNiss (HUMANWINE)
Mastered by Dan Richardson Up in the Basement with HUMANWINE
cc2k16 Nervous Relatives






"HUMANWINE is music that dances between raindrops, sending up green shoots between the broken cobblestones of folk, punk, and open revolt. It is a soundtrack to broken rules and mutant genres, evoking a world that skips over the Age of Oil and all its cruelties, stitching together a patchwork of past and future, a do-it-yourself apocalypse that is strangely utopian."
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